Winter Wedding


We were so impressed with the winter wonderland theme and decorations of Jessica and Stephen’s wedding, we thought future brides might glean ideas and inspiration from these photos.  All decorations were handmade by the bride’s mother, Michelle and took a year in the making!

Unfortunately, I failed to get photos of some of the other cute ideas used at their wedding…  A table in the entrance lobby displayed a large, matted photo collage with photos of the bride and groom.  All the photos in the collage were in black and white which gave it a consistent, elegant look.  On each side of the photo collage was a framed photo of the bride and groom’s parents. (If anyone has photos of the table, I’d love to display it here.  Please email me at Guests also enjoyed a photo slide show and were encouraged to sign a large, matted and framed photo of the couple.  Enjoy the photos…