Our photo booth was designed to be a modern take on the old fashioned photo booths we frequented in our youth. With formal black curtains outside and red curtains inside, we’ve achieved the equivalent of a photo booth mullet:

Business on the outside. Party on the inside.

What Happens in the Booth Stays in the Booth

If you’re shopping for a photo booth, be sure you are getting an actual booth and not a camera/box set out in the open with guests posing up against a wall or backdrop. Sure, it works. But, there’s something about pulling that curtain shut that really makes the inner nut come out. We’ve seen grannies don Flava Flav hats/clocks while giving “deuces” just before asking, “what’s ‘deuces?'” You’d be surprised to see what ol’ stuffy Aunt Edna will do in the secret of the booth…

Highest Quality Photo Prints

Our photo booth prints high-quality dye sublimation prints. What the heck…? Dye sub prints are photographic quality—like the kind you’d get from a photo lab. Some photo booth companies use ink jet prints. It’s less expensive and it works; but, over time those photos will bleed and fade. Plus, dye sub prints come out of the printer dry—not wet like inkjet prints. So, when crazy cousin Joey stuffs his photo booth strip into his beer-soaked jacket pocket, it won’t run and bleed. If you’re getting a scrapbook, dye sub prints are a must so the photos last forever.

Big Groups = No Problem

To answer the million-dollar question, “How many people can fit in your photo booth?” Depending on their size, we’ve seen as many as nine people cram into the booth: Example 1 / Example 2. We happily adjust the camera and assist guests (squishing them in good!) to accommodate large groups.

So, without further ado, check out our beauteous Ham It Up Photo Booth…

If the booth is a rockin' don't bother knockin'