The 411

How does the photo booth work?

Because photo booths are a fairly new concept, here’s how we Ham It Up…

  • You provide Ham It Up with your event theme or color scheme prior to the event. We coordinate your scrapbook* and the photo strips to match.
  • On the day of the event, Ham It Up will set up our photo booth and scrapbook table.
  • Guests choose props and enter the photo booth. Once inside, guests choose to press the color or black and white photo button. The automated booth takes four photos, counting down between shots on the screen in front of the guests. With our Live View screens inside and outside the booth, guests can see themselves during the entire process.
  • The Ham It Up Photo Booth prints two copies of the photo strip. If there is no scrapbook, guests receive both copies. If a scrapbook package* is chosen, the guest keeps one copy and the other copy goes into the scrapbook. Guests are then encouraged to leave a personal message in the scrapbook beside their photo strip.
  • At the end of the night, the event host will receive a USB flash drive with all photos from the event and, if applicable, a custom scrapbook*.
  • All the photos from the event are posted to our website as a live online gallery within 24 hours of the event. These high resolution images can be downloaded and printed at no extra charge.

* Custom scrapbooks available with Hamilicious packages only.

Our services

Ham It Up is a special events entertainment and planning service. We provide a photo booth and scrapbooking service as well as a wide-range of graphic design and craft services to make your event special:

  • Invitations and announcements (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries)
  • Program books and program fans
  • Place cards, table tents, other printed materials
  • Signs
  • Web announcement pages
  • Custom, unique gifts for any special occasion

and much more!

Do you have an example of a scrapbook?

You bet! Visit our scrapbook section to view samples of some of Amy’s spectacular work. Check back as new scrapbook samples are added as time allows.

Why Ham It Up?

The Ham It Up team has not one, but TWO talented, creative graphic designers on staff. We’re sticklers about quality, some might even say perfectionists! With two experienced graphic designers, your programs, invitations, signs/banners, place cards, etc. will be professional-looking and coordinated to match your event’s theme or company’s brand image.