Liberty USA Company Holiday Party

Liberty USA employees and their guests enjoyed a night of fun, food, prizes and the Ham It Up Photo Booth. The annual Christmas party was held at the beautiful Georgetown Centre in Pittsburgh. Employers expressed warm, heartfelt thanks and awarded fabulous prizes to both employees and their guests. The close, family-type vibe was obvious. (Any openings for graphic/web designers at Liberty?  I’m available!  Just sayin’…) Liberty employees can remember this special event with the gorgeous Ham It Up scrapbook created by top scrapbook designer, Amy McCabe.

Thank you for letting us be a part of your special night!
Leslie and Amy

The viewable online photo gallery has been removed. If you are looking for photos from this event, please email us.


  1. AimItUp

    WOW – looks like a fun party!

  2. Tracey Huber

    Thanks to you for putting up with us and staying a little longer than planned!! I am so glad that we decided on the booth, it made the party that much better!! We will definately be bringing you back whether it is for our xmas party next year or our annual picnic in the summer!! (do you do outdoors?) thanks again!! case you don’t remember me, I would be the one that paid you extra to stay and kept making you shut down to make copies lol

    • leslybgood

      Hi Tracey! Glad everyone enjoyed the photo booth! Y’all are a fun bunch!