Kristie & Nick’s Wedding


Kristie and Nick’s wedding at Churchill Country Club was a stylish affair. The decor and fashion was fabulous with an eggplant/jewel tone color scheme, peacock feathers, and a touch of bling. The gorgeous bride was styled to perfection in her fitted gown with edgy, oversized pearl/crystal necklace and soft, ribbon-trimmed veil. (A total fashionista!) Bridesmaids wore eggplant, mermaid-cut gowns, a single peacock feather/crystal in their hair, and accessories complimenting the bride’s look.

The polite, yet extremely fun crowd had a blast in the Ham It Up Photo Booth (Norwin teachers–`nuf said). Guests were given a copy of their silly photo while another copy was saved in a custom, handmade scrapbook. Top scrapbook designer, Amy McCabe, made a killer custom scrapbook by incorporating the peacock/jewel tone colors and theme. It’s my new favorite scrapbook so far! While watching Amy put together the scrapbook on-site, one guest reported she was “extreme scrapbooking.” True dat! Check back for samples of the scrapbook and pics of the amazing invitation shadow box she made for the bride and groom.

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Leslie & Amy

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