Fun Family Photos

If you’ve ever tried to coordinate a family photo for a Christmas card or special present, you know how difficult it can be to get everyone to participate and smile for the camera. Kids can’t sit still or fight with each other, “she’s touching me!” and it winds up being a stressful experience. We’ve found some of the most uniquely fun family photos happen by accident in our photo booth. Perhaps it’s the silly props, privacy of the curtained booth or anticipation of the shot that makes for such great pictures. Whatever the reason, there have been some classic family photos taken in the Ham It Up Photo Booth.

When we see a one of a kind classic photo come out of the booth, we encourage guests to email us for a copy of the single shots. Our photo booth not only creates photo strips of the four-photo session, it saves each individual photo in the session as a single image. We’re happy to email the high-resolution images if you would like copies of the individual shots. You can also ask the party host for copies since they receive a DVD of all the event photos as part of their photo booth package.

So, don’t fear the booth–embrace it! Seize the opportunity to Ham It Up and create your own unforgettable classic family photo!